A Peak Performance to Give Urban Youth Options

The Goal

The Goal: To Give Pittsburgh Urban Youth Options

What is Options?

On the North Side of Pittsburgh, the average high school gradutation rate is 60%.  They have no hope of college or a career after high school.  They have no options other than the streets.  At Urban Impact Foundation, we’re providing options to those who have no options.  The Options program at Urban Impact was designed to help students develop post=high school plans for their futures.  The goals of this program are to get high school graduates on the “right bus headed in the right direction,” to maintain contact with those graduates, and to continue to mentor them.  We hope to get our students on one of these five “buses”:

1. College
2. Trade School
3. Workforce
4. Military
5. Ministry

This past year, 97% of the students who were involved in programs at Urban Impact graduated from high school.  And 95% of that 97% are “on a bus” headed in a very hopeful direction.  You can read a few of their stories here.

“At Urban Impact, we’re providing options for those who have few or no options.” – Pastor Ed Glover, President & Founder of Urban Impact