A Peak Performance to Give Urban Youth Options

One Story


Meet Twayne “Jeff” Steele, Anthony “Tone” Brown, Antwan “Boochie” Adams, and Daryl “Boo-Man” Harrington.  All four of these young men graduated high school, but only one was on any kind of track toward college.  A couple of these young men had been members of gangs but were trying to get out.  They all were desperately looking for options of hope.  Now meet Chad Braunersrither, an Urban Impact staff member who is dedicated to providing options for those who have no options.  Chad got to know these four young men and helped pave their rough path into a road for a hopeful future.  Chad helped Jeff, Tone, and Boochie apply to and enroll at Penn State New Kensington.  Boo-Man drifted away from Chad and Urban Impact.  Three weeks before classes were scheduled to begin, Boo-Man called Chad for help.  Chad helped with the paperwork and Urban Impact volunteers stepped up to help him earn the money he needed by providing odd jobs.  He was also offered Options scholarship money.  Chad was amazed by the way the Urban Impact family rallied around Boo-Man, picked up the pieces, and got him on the road to college.  Chad got Boo-Man hooked up with Jeff, Boochie, and Tone.  They now all share an apartment and hold each other accountable.

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