A Peak Performance to Give Urban Youth Options

Get to Know UIF

Getting to Know Urban Impact

The foundation we’re supporting through our hike is the Urban Impact Foundation.  They have a program called Options that helps inner city youth get into one of five options when they graduate from high school – college, tech school, job, ministry, or the military.  This is so important because the too often, the streets pull them back in.  Ed and Tammy Glover who started UIF over 25 years ago understand the importance of getting kids on the “right bus going in the right direction.”  I personally admire Ed and Tammy’s work.  They truly are having an urban impact.  When kids get involved in their programs, 98% of them end up graduating from high school versus only 60% for others.  The Options program started less then two years ago and is largely underfunded, so we’re trying to address the need.  They need funds for tutors, books, testing programs, personnel, and scholarships.

In addition, did you know that Ed Glover recently received the Epoch 2011 award for his years of service to the inner city.  He was selected for the “Restoring Places” Award over 438 other international nominees from six continents, 25 countries, and 38 states!  What an amazing honor.  The award goes to those who have (1) had a long-term impact in a specific location, (2) influenced the community in a holistic format, and (3) addressed both physical and spiritual issues.  It gives me even greater confidence that the money raised for the UIF Options program will indeed make an urban impact.  I hope you agree and decide to make a pledge commitment.

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