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Pushing 2,000!

Posted by bruce on July 30th, 2012 at 8:50 am

We’re back on the trail. We’re feeling a lot better, and we were able to get in some pretty good miles, so we appreciate everyone’s prayers.

We’re in Stratton, Maine—the 1,996-mile mark. Tomorrow we’ll cross over 2,000 miles! We’ve got to get to 2,184, so it looks like we’ll be done around August 10 or 11 and back in the Pittsburgh area somewhere around August 15 after spending a few days with my mom and sister.

We’ve really enjoyed the last few days of hiking. We’re starting to come across a lot of ponds, lakes, and streams as the terrain is changing. We’ve still done some tough mountain ranges, including Saddleback, which was just beautiful. We have a big mountain range to do today—Bigelow Mountain and Avery Peak. Then we descend down, and it really flattens out until we get to Mount Katahdin. We’re looking forward to the more level ground and coming across more ponds and streams.

We’re making good progress, and we’re looking forward to summiting Mount Katahdin—the highest mountain in Maine at 5,268 feet.

Urban Impact is in the process of putting together a post-hike celebration, and that’s going to be on August 16 at Christ Church at Grove Farm. I’m not sure of the time yet, but be on the lookout for an e-mail from Urban Impact with the details. As soon as I get more details, I’ll let you all know as well.

We’re going to continue to march on and get ‘er done! Thanks for your prayers. I’ll write an update when we get to Monson, Maine, which will be in four days.

Note: While Paula and I are out on the trail, several volunteers are helping me post content here. We thank you for the support you're expressing in the comments, although our sporadic Internet access doesn't allow us to reply immediately to everyone.

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  2. Great news! So glad you’re back on your feet and back on the trail. Boy you’re getting close. Will look forward to your next report from Monson as you prepare to enter the “100 Mile Wilderness.” God continue to lead your way.

  3. Laurie & Roger Dhonau |

    Hey Paula, there’s a BIG old piece of cake waiting for you if you finish on the 11th (we won’t tell anybody how many candles are on it!) Can’t wait to see you both on the 16th!


    Laurie & Roger

  4. Rob and Janette |

    Great to hear you’re back on the trail and you will be back to Pittsburgh soon. I hope the UIF party brings out all your friends and supporters. This is one big accomplishment for you and there Options program. See you when i get back to Pittsburgh.
    God bless you and Paula.

  5. Great news that you are back on the trail. It is amazing that you will be wrapping up the hike within the next two weeks! Am I the only one that is saddened to think that pretty soon we will be missing these updates from the trail?!!

  6. Bruce & Paula, Awesome news. Sheril and I have been tracking your adventure now for months. Looking forward to seeing you both and glad to see your journey is almost finished. We have been praying for both of you.

    Matt & Sheril Wilson

  7. Nathan & Kathy Stone |

    What an accomplishment, Bruce and Paula! We are so excited that you are in the home stretch. Cheering you onto the finish line!
    Nathan & Kathy