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Bearing Up!

Posted by bruce on July 17th, 2012 at 2:32 pm

We made it through the Whites! We’re in Gorham, NH resting in a hostel to beat some nasty thunderstorms coming through today and tonight. In the last week, we’ve climbed and clawed our way through the White Mountains of NH. We’ve endured our most difficult days of hiking so far. Yesterday, we summitted Mt. Washington and crossed the presdiential range in rain and winds of 30 mph. We loved the majesty and beauty of the Whites. If you’ve never spent time in these mountains, we highly recommend it. It is breathtaking. Our feet and knees are sore, but it was worth every arduous step. We haven’t seen a moose yet, but still hopeful. Today, at the Pinkham Notch visitor center as we waiting for our ride to the hostel, we overheard a worker telling a ranger on the phone that a bear had invaded a campsite and was attacking a bear box (steel box where food bags are stored) saying, “The bear has the box! The bear has the box!” Well, as for us, we have all of our food and have not encountered such aggressive bear activity so thanks for your prayers.

Note: While Paula and I are out on the trail, several volunteers are helping me post content here. We thank you for the support you're expressing in the comments, although our sporadic Internet access doesn't allow us to reply immediately to everyone.

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  2. Nice meeting you at Crawford Notch (Drifter’s dad). Great job and best of luck with the rest of your hike. Be safe.

  3. Wow! What an accomplishment over the past 5 days! 96 miles through the Whites and less than 300 to go. Enjoying being on the Trail with you vicariously.

    Bill Sadd

  4. You will find what you are looking for. I saw you and your wife on YouTube today. It was as though the lord was speaking to me, through you. Options, OPtions, Options.

    God Bless You both,


  5. Keith and shelly |

    Hi you two, seems like we’ve had just as much excitement here in the Hudson Valley! I fell down the basement stairs and broke my foot badly. I’m in a cast, on crutches and Keith took me camping last weekend. Figured I could convalesce by the campfire as surely as I could on the couch! LOL Paula – thankfully you never broke anything on your falls. We continue to pray for your safety and good health as you approach the finish line. We love you & we’re very proud of you both.